Our original line of Control Devices engineered and manufactured valves and controls for the air compressor, fire suppression, vehicle systems and calibration gas industries.

Bob® brass, lead-free brass, and stainless steel float valves, Bobby® miniature float valves and reservoir assemblies, and Kerick PVC float valves and assemblies.

KeepFlo’s trademarked design, one-piece, Venturi-Flo™ low pressure drop distributors, Nozzle-Type distributors, and custom brazed assemblies for industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Patented “zero-loss” condensate traps for compressed air and compressed gas system applications.

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Pressure washer nozzles, lances, guns, and thermal relief valves by Control Devices.

What We Do

Founded in 1963, Control Devices is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialty valves and other high quality flow control products that are supplied for standard and custom-engineered applications in diverse industries and systems such as pressure washers, air compressors, fire suppression systems, specialty gas, HVACR, and automotive applications.

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